Unity, strength, vision: Heres to a more positive 2016!

Happy New Year Carnival supporters.  We would like to thank all those who attended our two community meetings held towards the end of last year; those that have contributed ideas or have put themselves forward to help; and those who have signed up to be members.  The date for our AGM will be confirmed very soon so if you would like to have a say in the future of the Carnival then please take a moment to complete the membership form which will give you voting rights. Click here for members form.

May we also take the time to thank all the people who donated money via our first crowd funding campaign last year.  You were: Jenny Briggs, Arnartarbarsh, Melissa, Marcela, Georgie Bee, Kids run Tings, Archie, Stella Q, Debs W, Holly T, Leonie Spirit Tree, Fernyo, The Word with Miranda on Ujima 98FM, Lizzy Pope, Melvis, Lukas 123.  For those of you rewarded with a copy of our Memories book, we will contact you with details of where to collect it.  Every penny is appreciated.  Watch this space for a new campaign coming soon as well as more information on other ways you can support the Carnival.  Heres to 2016 and to the future of St Pauls Carnival which is the most inclusive event in Bristol that absolutely celebrates diversity, creativity and unity.

“We have still got a challenge before us. There is still discrimination going on in the city as it is in many cities.  Bristol must see that it makes people belong, because without that there will be disorder.  Bristol has woken up to a lot of what went on but we cannot be complacent.  We have not gone far enough when it comes to equality.”  Dr Paul Stephenson OBE on the topic of equality.

Heres to a more positive 2016!


Official statement following BCC and ACE announcement

St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival will go on…

We are very disappointed that key funders Bristol City Council and Arts Council England have chosen not to continue their support of this African Caribbean event, despite our tireless efforts to meet funding conditions against a backdrop of barriers and hurdles.

We believe that this is the wrong decision.

We attended a meeting at 11am on the 3rd of November and were shocked that an official press release was prepared and out by the time we returned to the Carnival office less than 30 minutes later.

Despite the powers that be not allowing us to hold the the main carnival event this year through sheer determination we delivered a Grass Roots showcase event which was a success in terms of putting the community, artists and the culture at the heart and it was well supported by the community. This was not good enough for the funders.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that culture and heritage is the key focus of the work we deliver while maintaining a cohesive and inclusive approach to our diverse community of Bristol.

We will be continuing to work in unity with like minded people and organisations and hope that members of the community are not mislead by the scapegoating of another Black led organisation.

Coincidently this news has come just days before the annual commemoration of Edward Colston which will take place at Bristol Cathedral this Friday 6th November at 10am. 

We will be holding a community meeting where we will invite the funders on the 13th of November 6-8pm at the Malcolm X Centre.

Solidarity is what is needed here not divide and rule, we welcome all the community to attend this solution focused meeting to support a sustainable way forward with the community at the helm.

Yours Sincerely

On behalf of the Trustees of SPACC



PRO--SESSION (5)There will be a vibrant Carnival style procession on Sunday 25 October at 3pm. The procession will take place around Bristol’s Portway and Cumberland Basin and will feature music and dancing of black origin. The Portway will be closed for the Portway’s Sunday Park series of events. The procession is part of a fundraising campaign for the Carnival and also marks 50 years of the Race Relations Act and the UN Decade of People of African Descent.

The procession will feature carnival costumes in tribute to Barbara Dettering, Owen Henry and Roy Hackett – three of the founding members of the 1968 St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival, who were also instrumental in the Bristol Bus Boycott. The float will play a variety of music of black origin (MOBO) and showcase local talent and Carnival Academy stars Phresh Boiiz plus special guests.

DJ Mvrchesi will supply an eclectic blend of music including House, Garage, Hip Hop and Grime.

The float will lead out by sound system Roots Inspiration starting at Cumberland Basin Piazza at 3pm travelling North up the Portway before making a U turn at Bridge valley road. Float decoration will take place at 1.30pm as well as a run through of the moves.

Cleo Lake, Carnival Director at St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival Ltd said:

“ This event will launch a series of crowd funding events and initiatives.  I hope the support is there in terms of both audience and donations.  I am looking forward to marking these key dates and celebrating Carnival style.”

Fund Surfer Campaign Here : https://www.fundsurfer.com/project/be-part-of-the-st-pauls-afrikan-caribbean-carnival-dance-procession