St. Paul’s Afrikan Caribbean Carnival Board Recruitment

 Wednesday 26th July 2017

Dear Community Members,

As you are aware St. Paul’s Afrikan Caribbean Carnival is in a transitionary period. In order for us to effectively deliver the Carnival activities for the 50th Anniversary of St. Paul’s Afrikan Caribbean Carnival in 2018, we are actively recruiting for voluntary board members who will work in partnership with the newly formed CIC (Community Interest Company) to co-produce these events.

Over the past 49 years, St. Paul’s Carnival has promoted the advancement of education, appreciation and practice of Afrikan and Caribbean arts, culture and history.Through a range of countdown events including mas camps and schools workshops, St Pauls Carnival crescendos into an explosion of colours, sounds, food, dancing and entertainment attracting over 90,000 revellers from the city of Bristol and beyond.

Being part of St Pauls Carnival Board you will play an integral role in delivering Carnival as well as having the opportunity to discuss widening the Afrikan and Caribbean heritage of St Pauls Carnival throughout the UK.

If you would like to be a part of St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival Board and share in its future success, please download, fill out the attached forms and email to

Download Application Here

Deadline:  5 pm, Monday, August 21st, 20

Yours sincerely

Kervon Grant