2013 Carnival theme: ‘Migration – We Deh Ya’

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in the Masquerade!

We’re pleased to announce the winners are as follows:

Best school camp: 1st place = Millpond Primary School. 2nd place = Cabot Primary School. 3rd place = St Werburghs Primary School

Best local camp: Jamafrique & Full Circle

Best visiting camp: Caporales San Simon Londres

We would really appreciate your feedback for the event and would be ever so grateful if you could fill out THIS quick survey. Thank you!

We at St Pauls Carnival want to say a big thank you to all of you who attended and enjoyed yourselves at this years St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival. Many thanks going to our funders and sponsors also The Cider House and Cosie’s in Portland Sq, Super Mashriq (Topshop) and Grosvenor Rd Stores were the only local shops and business’s in the community who donated and we are thankful for your contribution, not forgetting the local community who donated a small donation so they could sell food & drink outside their property and those who donated their skills through the artwork and voluntary work they’ve done for Carnival. Also thanking our Staff and Event Management Team, Sub-Contractors & Schools for their hard work and resilience. And lastly to all the Live Acts who performed without pay or waived it, we are ever so grateful and thankful for that gesture. We’ve come a long way since it not happening in 2012, and what we’re doing now will ensure that there will be more Carnivals in St Pauls to come. Many Blessings. SPC.

A massive thank you to the organiser of 2Gether As One for their contribution to Carnival and for the money raised from the event.