Calling All Traders!!!

Applications to trade at this year’s Carnival will open soon. Forms will be available here.

Stalls are an integral part of the Carnival experience and range from amazing cuisine, crafts, clothing and music as well as information and promotional stands.

With an estimated visitor footfall of 100,000 throughout the event, applications for food stalls are always particularly competitive. Where possible we seek to make the food offer as diverse as possible whilst primarily keeping within the Caribbean food traditions. Portland Square will be promoted as a ‘food hub’ this year and will have an increase in available pitches.

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We also strive to produce an environmentally conscious and safe Carnival event. Traders are not permitted to sell anything in glass.

We charge a litter bond that is returned if traders comply to the ‘no glass rule’ and also if pitch spaces are left clean and tidy after the event.  Last year we received complaints about left over grease so this year all pitches will be photographed before and after trading.  Leaving grease will constitute a breach of the contract in terms of the litter bond which will be increased to £200 and is payable on application.

We are also introducing a ban on polystyrene.

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Why ban polystyrene?

Polystyrene takes hundreds of years to rot down if at all. It is a material that is not environmentally friendly. The impact on beaches around the world and on the natural world is quite devastating. As caretakers of our environment we must take responsibility and also teach our young people about the ‘green agenda’ for the benefit of at home and abroad.